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‘Sometimes local government… need to be bold’: Council moves to ban smoking

North Sydney is set to become smoke-free after the council voted unanimously to ban smoking.

Under the proposal, smoking will be banned in all public places in the North Sydney council area but it won’t be enforced with fines.

A public consultation process will now go ahead to determine whether the move will be implemented.

North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson claims the plan has 100 per cent public support and tells Deborah Knight “it is a huge move and sometimes local government do need to be bold and take some giant steps”.

“I’ve had nothing but positive feedback about it really, it’s been overwhelming.”

The mayor hopes the ban will be “self-enforcing” and work by “community goodwill”.

Ms Gibson says businesses will also need to consider providing indoor smoking rooms for their employees if the ban goes ahead.

“Why should the problem be ours?

“Why should we have people that aren’t allowed to smoke in their own buildings standing in our public open space, smoking, making a mess, putting out their cigarettes butts everywhere?”

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Deborah Knight