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‘Someone’s going to get killed’: African youth leader urges action on African gang crime

People born in Sudan or South Sudan are six times more likely to be arrested in Victoria than people who are born there.

In 2011, Nelly Yoa, Sudanese himself, was the victim of a high-profile machete attack in Melbourne after coming to the aid of a stranger.

But the act of kindness nearly cost him his life.

Now, amid rising African youth crime, Mr Yoa tells how he believes Sudanese gangs need to be tackled immediately.

Mr Yoa joins Chris Kenny to shed more light on the issue.

“In the last two years, and also in the last two weeks, Victoria police, as well as the current state government, have been in denial.

“At the end of the day, let’s stop being politically correct and call it for what it is.

“These gangs don’t fear police, they don’t fear the community and they certainly don’t fear the consequences.

“Someone’s going to get killed. I urge the authorities to act swiftly.”

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