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Children banned from marching in ANZAC parade

Changes to Canberra’s ANZAC Day march are under fire as restrictions are placed on families.

In 2017 a veteran and child were injured after falling in Canberra’s ANZAC parade, prompting a ban this year on children under the age of 12 from walking alongside grandparents or parents.

President of ACT RSL John King tells Chris Smith he accepts there’s disappointment.

“The major issue with the younger children on the parade… those little kids are struggling.

“They also have a difficulty keeping up.

“Young kids marching with their grandparents has been an issue in the past.”

Although he admits young children have been involved in marches for as long as he can remember, he says they’ll still assist in other ways.

Outrage has also been sparked over the banning of community bands, with Mr King saying new technology is the reason for their removal.

“The Royal Military College band who plays on centre court is able to play for the whole period of time.

“The music that they play can be transmitted all the way down to the end of the march…. through a speaker system.”

He says the changes are a trial and could be axed in the future.

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