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Singer delivers ‘cringe-worthy’ rendition of New Zealand anthem before rugby clash

A singer is copping it for her performance of the Kiwi national anthem before a rugby test match experiment between England and New Zealand in the US.

Crystal Collins butchered the anthem, and it’s caused quite a stir.

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After hearing Crystal’s performance, listener Del rang in to give Ben Fordham her thoughts.

“That has to be the worst thing I have ever heard. I love the New Zealand anthem and that was appalling.”

Raywin shares the same view, telling Ben, “oh my goodness, it was atrocious, absolutely atrocious. Didn’t even get the words right”.

Mohana also rang in to admit that “phonetically, some of her Maori words were right”, but still said it was “cringe-worthy”.

Jay Laga’aia man who has sung national anthems many a time comes to the defence of Crystal.

He says while audience members could hear exactly what was going on, Crystal wouldn’t have been able to hear her own voice or her backing track because she didn’t have her earpieces in.

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