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Shorten ‘played the highest stakes game of deception in Australian political history’

Chris Smith

Labor has been dragged into the dual citizenship saga with four MPs and a senator now under a cloud.

Documents have revealed David Feeney, Justine Keay, Susan Lamb and Josh Wilson could all be in trouble, along with Senator Katy Gallagher.

That’s despite Opposition Leader Bill Shorten previously insisting his party had its affairs in order.

Three government politicians could also have their cases referred to the High Court, including Minister Josh Frydenberg.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter has told Chris Smith there’s a “fundamental distinction” between Liberal and Labor in this debacle.

“The ones on our side we have already discussed, are already public knowledge, we have been open about.

“On the Labor side, literally for months, Bill Shorten with no equivocation, no sense of irony has said at least a dozen times that they’ve got a strict vetting process, that there was in his words ‘no cloud over any of our people’.

“It’s clear that that was not merely absolute rubbish but a calculated deception. He has played the highest stakes game of political deception in Australian political history.

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