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Shadow Health Minister’s train wreck interview on pill testing

The state’s Shadow Health Minister has attempted to weigh in on the pill testing debate but ended up confusing himself and everybody else.

Walt Secord joined Ben Fordham in the 2GB studios after attending a pill testing demonstration put on for politicians and the public.

Ben asked what Mr Secord and Labor’s position is on the proposal and got a mixed response.

“I have to be honest with you, my mind wasn’t changed,” says the Shadow Minister.

“In the past I’ve been very hard-lined and I’ve said no to pill testing.

“But since the deaths, we’ve decided that if elected Labor will have a drug summit.”

Ben was left stunned and confused by Mr Secord’s answers and his record on the issue.

“You want to sit on the fence and get splinters on your bum do you Walt?” asks Ben.

“You were against it in 2016, you were for it in 2017, you were against it in 2018 and now you might be for it in 2019.”

Later in the interview, Mr Secord lost track of his thoughts entirely and had to be reminded what he was talking about.

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Health Minister Brad Hazzard has responded, saying Mr Secord’s interview was “downright odd”.

“He’s been a Labor spokesman for a long while. I’m really concerned that he was all over the place like a dog’s breakfast.”

Mr Hazzard tells Ben the government’s plan is to roll out highly specialised care units and a new social media campaign.

Taxpayers will pay for senior medical staff to work at three major festivals this Australia Day weekend, treat drug-affected partiers.

The minister admits what they’ve been doing isn’t working.

“The lessons we’ve learnt talking to young people is they aren’t hearing the messages.

“First of all, we’re trying to make sure there are messages for them warning them about the dangers.

“And secondly, we’re putting those very high level emergency department specialists into the actual arena itself.”

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