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‘Serena is not the victim’: Mark Latham weighs in on cartoon furore

An Australian cartoonist is being slammed for his depiction of tennis legend Serena Williams following her outburst at the US Open this week.

Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight has been slammed for his drawing of Williams, with the artwork being labelled racist and sexist.

The image aims to reflect her controversial outburst at the US Open after the umpire penalised her for being coached from the sidelines.

Even renowned Harry Potter author J.K Rowling has weighed in, criticising how Knight depicted the American tennis player.

The Outsider Mark Latham has weighed in, telling Ben Fordham Williams’ behaviour at the US Open this week was a “disgrace” and the artwork aimed to reflect that.

“Look, I love Serena Williams as a tennis player.

“She’s the best female player I’ve ever seen but her behaviour the other day was a disgrace. And the cartoon is a reflection of that.”

Mark is also questioning why the “left” is outraged about one image when there are bigger issues to worry about.

“In the Northern Territory of Australia, we’ve got infant indigenous children – two and three-year-olds being raped – where’s the moral outrage about that?

“Where’s the focus on a genuine real-life problem, instead of portraying Serena Williams, the wealthiest female tennis player in the world, as some kind of victim?

“Serena is not the victim.”

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