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Senator Dean Smith calls for Senate inquiry on population policy

Michael Pachi
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Senator Dean Smith is ramping up pressure on Malcolm Turnbull to deliver on population policy.

A Senate inquiry into Australia’s ballooning population has been proposed by the WA senator, who is concerned Australia’s current migrant intake is compromising our standard of living.

“As we’re about to click over to 25 million in terms of our population, it is worth reminding ourselves that it was Peter Costello back in 2002 who said Australia wouldn’t reach the 25 million mark until 2042,” Smith explains.

“But we’re reaching it in August 2018.”

“There are many benefits to population growth, there is no denying that. But there are also many risks. We need to keep our minds alive to what some of the challenges and what some of the risks are.”

Calls for politicians to shake off their inaction on the issue were amplified yesterday, with the release of a telling Newspoll.  It revealed some 72 percent of voters supported the Turnbull government’s cuts of more than 10 percent on the annual permanent migrant intake last financial year.

Surprisingly, even 64 percent of Labor Party voters supported the lowered level.

“This is clearly an issue that transcends traditional party politics,” says Smith.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a Labor voter, a Green voter, a Liberal voter or even a National voter. These are issues that are of interest to people.”

“I want the quality of life that Australians enjoy and the high standards that Australians enjoy to be preserved into the future.”

“That is something that I think Australia can stand united on.”

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Michael Pachi