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Seinfeld’s success: Behind-the-scenes with Jason Alexander

It’s been 30 years since one of the world’s most beloved sitcoms first graced our screens, but Seinfeld wasn’t always expected to be the huge success it became.

In fact, Jason Alexander, who played the self-confessed “Lord of the Idiots” George Costanza, tells John Stanley the cast never truly realised they were creating comedy gold until long after they finished filming. 

John Stanley: “When did you realise it was going to be as big as it was?”

Jason Alexander: “Probably about ten years after it ended! There was no clue when we began that the show would become anything, let alone the phenomenon it became.”

He also reveals the pilot wasn’t even picked up for production originally, so the show’s eventual success came as a huge surprise to everyone involved.

“When I look at the pilot I see the germ of what Seinfeld became!”

They even discuss the widely-loved episode ‘The Nap’, where George builds a bed under his desk so he can sleep at work.

“I must have seen, via the internet or people sending me things, at least 50 or 60 designs and executed versions of the camp-out situation underneath the desk!”

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