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Security breach: Commonwealth Bank customers never told about missing files

Macquarie National News

Commonwealth Bank customers are being told there’s no cause for alarm, despite millions of their personal financial histories going missing.

CBA says it sent customer information to Fuji Xerox to be destroyed in 2016, but some of that information went missing.

The privacy commissioner was informed, but affected customers were never told.

In a statement, the bank says an independent investigation determined the information was most likely destroyed.

Two years on, 19.8 million customer accounts affected by the breach are still being monitored.

The privacy commissioner is now asking the bank for further information about the incident.

The Commonwealth Bank says it is co-operating.

The bank’s Angus Sullivan says none of the lost information could be used in account fraud.

“This relates to a privacy incident from May 2016, which did not involve or affect customers’ PINs or password,” he said.

“We immediately investigated the incident and notified the privacy commissioner and APRA, after which no further action was needed at the time.”

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Macquarie National News