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Scott Morrison pledges ambitious 1.25m new job target over five years

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has delivered the government’s pre-election plan for the economy, in his first major speech of the year.

The PM is pledging to create 1.25 million jobs over the next five years as well as pay down the nation’s debt within a decade.

Speaking to business and community leaders in Brisbane, Mr Morrison says the Opposition would be a risk to the economy if it wins the next election.

Minister for Small Business Michaelia Cash tells Ross Greenwood the pledge highlights the “fundamental difference” between Labor and the Coalition.

She says you can only implement more jobs “when you put in in place the policies that ensure a strong economy”.

“The Australian people cannot afford to risk Labor.

“Labor can’t manage money, that is actually a fact.”

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In another announcement, the Coalition is extending the small business asset write-off scheme for another year.

The federal government will spend an extra $750 million to help business owners.

Around 3 million businesses will be able to claim up to $25,000 on a major purchase.