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School praises kids for being average and Chris Smith has had enough

A school principal is encouraging parents to praise their kids for getting average results and Chris Smith has well and truly had enough.

A Sydney school has sent out a newsletter telling parents to celebrate their kids receiving a “C grade” in their upcoming half-yearly reports.

“The world has gone bonkers in terms of this cuddly-feely approach,” Chris says.

Children at the school who achieve the bare minimum should be praised for being on the right track, the Daily Telegraph reveals.

Chris says the culture of wrapping kids in cotton wool and protecting them from failure is doing nothing to prepare them for the real world.

“Surely if your child is scoring C’s you’ve got a duty as a parent… to find out why and not to celebrate it.

“You have a duty as a parent to encourage your child to try harder, to do better.”

Chris says failure isn’t even an option anymore.

“There’s no F’s anymore, F’s are banned!

“You’ve got to learn from your mistakes.”

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