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NSW RSL President calls in to defend key reforms

RSL sub-branches across New South Wales will meet tomorrow to vote on restructuring the organisation, but the reforms have been met with opposition.

354 sub-branches will vote yes or no to a new constitution.

Some members fear it’ll give head office too many powers, with sub-branches holding around $150 million worth of assets.

The state’s RSL President James Brown has called Ray Hadley to clear up concerns.

He says the reforms will make a difference to sub-branches in terms of managing their assets, but they get a choice.

Mr Brown tells Ray a vote for the new constitution gives them a pathway to become separately incorporated and pay a fee to the RSL.

“Our members overwhelmingly believe that we’re all in it together and we should all share our resources between the stronger sub-branches and the weaker sub-branches.

“To use the name of the league those sub-branches that choose to incorporate and get their three directors and manage their own affairs, they’ll need to contribute a percentage of their annual income.”

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His comments come after Alan Jones spoke with Rockdale RSL Senior Vice President Alan Lyons who says they’ve received very little consultation.

“This is taking the power from the members of the sub-branches and putting it all in the hands of the board.”

He says they’ve been given a “take it or leave it option”.

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