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Road safety campaigns are having ‘no impact’

Ray Hadley is calling for a complete overhaul of road penalties following the release of worrying new figures surrounding mobile phone use.

More than 2,000 drivers have been caught using their phones since two police officers were critically injured when an alleged serial-texter mowed them down last month.

Roads Minister Melinda Pavey tells Ray the state government is exploring measures to increase penalties.

“I don’t think I need to take my colleagues kicking and screaming, we’re all very concerned about road safety.

“We want to have the strongest rules in Australia, but $1,000 to somebody is nothing, but $1,000 to someone that’s struggling could be the end of their lives and bankruptcy. That’s where the points come in.”

Ray, “Melinda we’ve got to stop talking about it. You’ve done the campaigns… it’s having no impact. No impact!

“It really needs Gladys Berejiklian, the Deputy Premier and yourself to stand up and say we’ve had a gutful.

“If you make it a thousand bucks and eight points, I tell you where my phone’s going. Whether I’ve got bluetooth or not, it’s going in the boot or the glovebox.

Ray also asks the minister about changes to low-range drink driving penalties.

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