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RMS officials ‘targeted’ trucks carrying hay to drought-stricken farmers

With the entire state of New South Wales in drought, plenty of hay is being transported by truck drivers to farmers doing it tough.

But until recently, that job was being made harder, as Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) targetted minor breaches of truck height and length.

Truckie Peter Cox drives hay from Victoria to Forbes in central-western NSW four times a week and he was stung recently by the air-tight rules.

Peter was fined $330 by RMS inspectors for being overlength by no more than a loaf of bread.

Despite Peter thinking he had the right paperwork, he was told he wasn’t legally allowed to carry 43 bails of hay on his truck.

He was only allowed to carry one.

“When they pulled me over, they measured me up and they said that I was overlength and I took them on,” he tells Ben Fordham.

He says truckies carrying hay were being “targeted”.

Following outrage from truckies across the state, the RMS has announced some changes to heavy vehicle regulations.

But Peter tells Ben Fordham many of the rules still “don’t make sense” and RMS officials need to understand how the farming industry has changed.

“They need to loosen up and get out there on the front line and see what’s going on.

“Talk to the farmers. It’s alright to see someone read it from a textbook… but get out there and actually see what’s going on!”

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