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Residents told how many pets they’re allowed to own

Residents in Sydney’s Hills district may soon be told how many pets they’re allowed to own.

Last week the Hills Shire Council approved a proposed change to their policy around the ownership of animals.

The new restrictions would prohibit the ownership of more than two dogs that weight over 25kg, three dogs between 11kg and 25kg, and four dogs under 11kg.

And as for the cat-lovers, the policy will limit cat ownership to a maximum of four cats, and impose a complete ban on cats in Wildlife Protection Areas.

Hills Vet nurse and president of Forever Home Pet Rescue, Adriana Gonzales, tells Ben the council “shouldn’t be governing pet owners like this”.

“Don’t do it as a blanket rule for everybody.

“They should be spending time and money targetting irresponsible pet owners,” says Adriana.

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In response to the upset and confusion around the proposed new policy, Hills Shire Deputy Mayor, Robyn Preston, has told Ben “this whole policy is a guideline, that’s all it is”.

“We don’t sit here with a big stick and have a look at how many people have registered dogs and how many dogs they’ve got and then go out and chase them.”

Ms Preston assures Ben it is only a guideline for the council if someone contacts them with a complaint, adding they will review every incident on merit.

And in cases where there is a problem household, the council will “sit down with the owner and try and find a solution… and help them re-home,” says Ms Preston.

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