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Energy Australia boss says renewables are part of the solution, not the problem

Renewable energy sources will remain part of Australia’s energy future. 

Energy Australia’s managing director Catherine Tanna tells Ross Greenwood recent problems were caused by short-notice closure of large base-load generators.

The energy provider has apologised for the Victorian blackouts that occurred on January 25, a day on which the temperature soared to 44 degrees.

Around 200,000 people lost power when they most needed it.

But Ms Tanna said renewable energy is not the issue – in fact, it is part of the solution.

“We got ourselves into this state of affairs because of big base-load generation on really short notice,” Ms Tanna said.

“Hazelwood, in the La Trobe Valley, closed on just five months’ notice.

“It’s not possible to replace it overnight.

“We have a whole lot of renewables coming into the system, which is great. What we need to do is make the investments to smooth it out.”

Ms Tanna said there should be three main aims of future energy policy.

“Australians want power to reliable, affordable, and we also want a shift to cleaner energy future,” she said.

“That transition is happening, and we need to make sure it’s as smooth as possible.

“Where we seem to run into trouble is when the politicians focus on just one of those three things.”

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Photo: Darren England / AAP

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