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‘Remarkable’ celebrity agent and promoter Harry M. Miller dies age 84

Deborah Knight

Famed theatre promoter and celebrity manager Harry M. Miller has died, aged 84.

Miller leaves behind a legacy of many decades as the nation’s most formidable impresario.

He was responsible for bringing musical theatre hits to our shores, including The Rocky Horror Show, Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Roland Rocchiccioli had a long-lasting relationship with the “remarkable” Mr Miller, telling Deborah Knight they stayed in contact decades after their professional partnership ended.

Roland says he’ll remember the renowned manager’s “charismatic, magnetic” energy.

“He took the entertainment industry… grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and gave it a damned good shake.”

Roland was employed as the renowned manager’s personal assistant 50 years ago and his memories are still as clear as day.

“He trained me like a monkey on a stick for about three years,” Roland says.

“I worked just feet away from him and I heard every phone call and I read documents and I was in on everything!”

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