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Ray slams senseless behaviour after photos emerge of drunk Bulldog players

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The spotlight is on the NRL’s Mad Monday antics after photos emerged of drunk players naked and vomiting in public, marring the first week of the NRL playoffs.

The photos on the front page of the Daily Telegraph show Canterbury Bulldogs players Adam Elliott naked and a passed out and vomiting Marcelo Montoya.

But the ‘Doggies’ didn’t have much to celebrate after finishing 12th with eight wins in 24 games.

“I just don’t know what to say about this,” says Ray Hadley.

“It’s like I’m on a merry-go-round and I can’t get off.

“This happened when I first started calling rugby league in the 1980s, it’s happening in the 90s and it’s happening again now.”

It’s left Ray questioning why Canterbury officials felt there was even a need to celebrate.

“I just don’t see the sense in a team who performed so poorly through the year having some sort of celebration.”

Ray says it’s time the NRL intervenes and bans the rowdy celebrations in public.

“Let them do it behind closed doors. Can we take them to some remote location? Put them on a desert island for all I care.”

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“These young blokes yesterday… did plenty of harm to their own reputations.

“But I would like to commend one player, David Klemmer who seemed to be looking after alcohol-affect teammates.

“But the rest who feature in this bring no credit to themselves, the club or the game.”