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Ray Hadley: ‘I know when a club’s in crisis and Parramatta’s in crisis’

The headaches continue for the Parramatta Eels with the club’s Chairman Max Donnelly conceding there are cultural issues at the club.

Ray Hadley’s said since the start of the NRL season that Eels coach Brad Arthur has lost the dressing room, a claim Donnelly denies.

Ray remains adamant, this is a club in trouble.

“I’ve been knocking around this game for a long long time. And I know when a club’s in crisis and Parramatta’s in crisis.

“And finally we have an admission that there’s a culture problem at Parramatta.

“If Brad Arthur survives until the end of the year I’d be very, very, very surprised.”

The problems aren’t just in the sheds for the struggling club.

Today, Eels forward Kenny Edwards will front court for allegedly fleeing from police after being spotted driving while suspended.

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