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Ray Hadley chats with Goulburn horse trainer Danny Williams

Goulburn horse trainer Danny Williams is known in the racing industry as an incredibly gifted trainer, well-known and well-liked.

On Saturday, he has nine runners of 16 starters in the South East Country Championships qualifier.

“Everyone I talk to in Goulburn has a rap on the bloke,” Ray says.

Mr Williams tells Ray Hadley racing is in his blood.

“My mum and dad were certainly born and breed into racing from Coonamble.”

Mr Williams says the facilities in Goulburn are first-class.

“The facilities here are great for training horses.”

In a wide-ranging interview with Ray, he says he nearly turned down taking on the favourite in the qualifier on Saturday, Don’t Give A Damn, concerned he didn’t have time to take on a horse with a barrier problem.

He also spoke about the shocking accident he had with Kopi Luwak three years ago, which ended in him having a broken pelvis and open book fracture.

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