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Ray forces insurance company to help terminally ill father

On Friday, Ray received an email from a young terminally ill father who needed help.

The 38-year-old father of two boys wrote to Ray explaining he’s been given 12 months to live.

The gentleman tells Ray he was sent a letter by his life insurance company stating he was only entitled to half his claim due to a “pre-existing condition” clause.

He’s been a customer with the company for 20 years, long before he was diagnosed with cancer.

He wrote, “It’s a battle I’m going to lose and it’s hard to take.  I want to make sure my wife and little boys are okay when I’m gone and the company’s now trying to screw me over.”

Upon hearing about the young father’s situation, ANZ Wealth Management did the right thing.

Director Peter Mullin contacted Ray to issue a sincere apology, saying they sent incorrect letters to their long-term customer.

“I would like to apologise in person and discuss compensation that we feel is only fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

“I can confirm we’ve paid him the correct sum for his life insurance.  We now have a special team working on the matter.

“I will personally go to the gentleman’s home to apologise and discuss the details.”

Ray has applauded Mr Mullin’s quick and fair response.

“Peter, you’re a good bloke. Your company has buggered up…but you’re going to make good on it.”

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