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Racehorse retrainer refutes claims of widespread slaughter

A horse trainer who specialises in rehoming retired racehorses has defended the industry against claims of widespread slaughter.

An undercover investigation by the ABC alleged hundreds of thoroughbreds have been taken to knackeries or abattoirs in New South Wales and Queensland, despite rules stating retired racehorse should be re-homed.

Victorian-based horse trainer Fiona McIntyre tells Steve Price the footage in the investigation was absolutely horrific.

“I closed my eyes at certain points in time. I couldn’t watch it.

“It’s really haunting, it’s terrible.”

But she says the criticism is largely unfair, arguing many stables treat their horses like a member of the family.

“The horses are so well-cared for and absolutely loved.”

She also admits it’s hard to control the industry, as retired horses often pass through different owners.

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Image: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images