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Qantas bows to China’s demands, won’t recognise Taiwan as independent

Qantas is defending a decision to refer to Taiwan as part of China, rather as an independent nation.

The airline is among 40 to bow to pressure from Beijing and make the change on their respective websites.

The Federal Government has expressed concern over the pressure China has applied, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop saying “private companies should be free to conduct their business”.

Author of The Silent Invasion Professor Clive Hamilton tells Ben Fordham the more proves China is becoming more aggressive.

“Beijing has been bullying international airlines into changing the way it refers to Taiwan.

“The first thing I thought of when Qantas buckled on this one, was to think of Alan Joyce leading the charge on gay marriage and saying Qantas would stand up for the principle here but the principle of Taiwanese independence doesn’t seem to count for very much.”

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