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Prue MacSween: ‘Will it be a battle of the hair-dos and egos?’

US President Donald Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in a remarkable turnaround between the two.

South Korean officials delivered a letter from Kim Jong-un to Mr Trump at the Whitehouse.

The two have been trading threats the last few months, so the meeting in May comes as a surprise.

But resident All-Star Prue MacSween is worried it’ll be more a battle of the “hair-dos and egos” than a reconciliation.

“While they mock him, he’s got the guts and cojones to take this ego-maniac on and make him face reality,” she says of Mr Trump.

“He’s not approaching it as a politician, but as a businessman, someone who is not going to take the crap that is fed out.

“The only thing that’s worrying me about it is, will it be a battle of the hair-dos and egos?”

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