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‘Promising’ test could help thwart nation’s worst cancer killer

It’s expected over 9,000 Australians will die from lung cancer this year.

But an emerging technology could help bring those staggering numbers down.

A new blood test could help identify people who should receive targetted lung cancer screening, to nip the biggest cancer killer in the bud.

Cancer Council Australia CEO Professor Sanchia Aranda tells Michael McLaren it’s a significant step in the right direction.

“It’s a very important development because we know that population screening for lung cancer doesn’t work. It causes more harm than benefit.

“What we’re hoping is this blood test will help us determine who it would be that you would put through low dose CT screening processes.

“It seems to be able to predict about 62% of lung cancer occurring and that’s much better than we can do now.”

Professor Aranda says Aussies are often lulled into a false sense of security, believing lung cancer can only hit former or current smokers. She warns this isn’t the case.

“It is important to remember not all lung cancer is related to smoking and if you’ve got those symptoms, like a change in a cough or your voice, get to the doctor if you’re worried.”

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