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‘Present government will be judged very harshly’ over stance on Sudanese gangs

Victorians have hit back at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull over accusations the state is failing to deal with gang violence in Melbourne.

Federal MP Greg Hunt has also called out Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, claiming he’s dropped the ball on tackling Sudanese gang violence.

“The failure is not the police, but the Premier.”

Someone who understands disenfranchised youth is Father Chris Riley, who joins Mark Levy to share more on this ongoing problem.

“Until we deal with their pain and their traumatic stress they’re not going to change.

“We need interventions where we actually start dealing with the problems they’re dealing with.”

Father Chris Riley tells Mark the bigger picture is about engaging with youth before they commit crimes.

He also says responsibility falls on both government and police.

“I’m sick and tired of the blame game. Everyone’s blaming each other in politics. They won’t take responsibility.

“The present government will be judged very harshly on a desire just to punish.”

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