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Premier Berejiklian in studio after abortion bill becomes law

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The controversial abortion bill has become enshrined in law after one of the most extensive debates in New South Wales political history.

The Premier and her government received an enormous amount of criticism for the way the private member’s bill was handled, with many in the community raising concerns.

It eventually passed into law on Thursday with several amendments including protections against gender selection and safeguards for doctors who conscientiously object.

Gladys Berejiklian joined Alan Jones in the studio after the historic moment, admitting it wasn’t a perfect process but saying they ended up with the right result.

“After a rocky start, that’s where we ended up. The house of review did its job.

“I had faith that the colleagues would consider all of those amendments, there were 102 that were considered and about eight or nine of them got up.

“These reforms are important. I don’t think many people would objectto the fact that you take this out of the crimes act and decriminalise it. I think the vast majority of the community support that.

“I think we’ve landed at a good spot.”

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The Premier also spoke about the contentious Sydney Light Rail project which has been dragging on for years now.

Ms Berejiklian has told Alan Jones it will be up and running in December.

“We’re hoping it could be even earlier than that but before Christmas you’ll be able to go on the new light rail.

“Yes, it’s been a difficult process but Alan, as you know, anything that’s worth anything is a challenge.”

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