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Police use unusual method to crackdown on disqualified drivers

Police are taking action in a bid to keep disqualified drivers off our roads.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has told officers to knock on the doors of banned drivers in the hope being confronted by the officers will keep them off the roads.

It’s similar to a strategy used on domestic violence offenders and bikie gang members to curb crime.

Ben Fordham speaks with Commissioner Fuller.

“Frustrating it is… but our job in this piece, Ben, is to make sure we continue to lock the criminals up and put them before the court.

“One of the biggest impacts we’ve had in terms of modern policing is annoying these criminals day in, day out.

“The lefties give me a hard time all the time for harassing criminals, but I won’t take a backward step on it.”

Commissioner Fuller also tells Ben a police dog is lucky to be alive after high-risk offender tried to stab it in the throat.

“Two officers and police dog Marley went in to make the arrest, and it wasn’t ’til debriefing afterwards when we were looking at the dog’s vest and noticed it had a stab puncture.

“That vest certainly saved that dog’s life.”

The man who allegedly had a firearm in his car and a large knife was involved in a stand-off with officers outside Wollongong hospital’s emergency department.

Listen to the full interview below