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Police officer caught repeatedly pepper spraying dog

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Footage released by the ABC shows a police officer repeatedly spraying a dog with capsicum spray.

A disability pensioner is suing New South Wales Police over an arrest in which her pet dog was pepper sprayed.

The ABC has published footage of the arrest, which occurred in 2013.

In the video, the 59-year-old woman’s dog comes up to her after she’s handcuffed.

The Senior Constable can be seen pushing the dog away, when the husky growls and snaps at his hand.

That’s when the pup is pepper sprayed by the officer.

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Ben Fordham says “there was no need for the officer to pepper spray the dog”.

“If you ask me it was a totally unreasonable response to a little growl from the dog that was clearly worried about its owner.”

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Credit: ABC

See the footage