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Would you buy supplements for your pet?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been an extremely tough and testing time for most… well, except for our furry friends.

With work-from-home conditions and isolation restrictions forcing us to spend more time indoors, our pets have lapped-up our affection…but what happens when this 24/7 attention stops?

Mental health has been an incredibly important talking point since the onset of the virus, and now it appears that the wellbeing of man’s best friend during this difficult time is also being explored…even profited on.

Vitamin wellness company, Blackmores, have not only turned their attention to the mental wellbeing of Aussies, but have introduced ‘calming’ and ‘wellness’ pet supplements.

Is this taking things a little too far, especially when we already spend a bomb on our pets? Or should we be taking pet health more seriously?

2GB’s Resident Vet, Rob Zammit, joins John Stanley for his top tips to help our beloved canines cope during COVID, suggesting plenty of toys, treats and talkback radio.

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