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South Africans seek refuge in Australia

Savanna Labuschagne, who migrated from South Africa to Australia in 2008, urges the Federal Government to consider the plight of African farmers seeking refugee status in Australia.


Ms Labuschagne says white people are the minority in South Africa but no one was suggesting they were the only ones suffering, as black people were suffering just as much due to the “corruption” of the government.


“We were looking for humanitarian visas but we picked up a lot of flak, (with people) saying, ‘Why do you feel white minority people are more important than people are from war-torn countries?’ That’s not the case. We are saying our people are as important as people from those countries.”


She says people are being raped, having holes drilled through their knee caps, their skin ironed off.


“The elderly are also being targeted. An elderly couple had boiling water poured down their throats. I could go on for days. How do we help our people?”

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