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Let’s Talk Business – Sunday April 21

The Easter Long Weekend is a difficult time for small business owners to trade through as steep penalty rates send wage bills sky high. Some business owners seriously question whether it’s worth opening the doors.

A proposal to lower the speed limit to 30 kmh in the Melbourne CBD could make life difficult for motorists who drive through the city, but also for business owners who rely on weaving through the roads in a timely manner!

Businesses often make the mistake of hitching their wagons to Anzac Day and attempting to leverage on the popularity of this solemn occasion for marketing purposes. Advertising expert Ben Willee explains why the solemnity of Anzac Day must be respected rather than exploited.

In Workwise we discuss how you learn the best lessons through failure, which is especially true in business. Ebru Sak’s first hair salon hit some hurdles, but what she learned from the experience made her a smarter and more resilient business owner.

Peter Switzer explains why business owners need to invest wisely so they can build a healthy nest egg and take advantage of their years of toil and effort.

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