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Peter Dutton to launch second challenge for the Liberal leadership

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Peter Dutton is demanding the Prime Minister call another party room meeting, to deal with the leadership crisis.

Two days after Mr Dutton narrowly lost a leadership spill against Malcolm Turnbull, momentum is building for another contest.

He spoke with Malcolm Turnbull this morning, telling him he believes the majority of the party room no longer supports his leadership.

In a brief address to the media this morning, Mr Dutton confirmed his earlier tweet calling on the Prime Minister to call a party room meeting.

“I called the Prime Minister to advise him that it was my judgement that the majority of the party room no longer supported his leadership. As such I asked him to convene a meeting of the Liberal party, at which I would challenge for the leadership of the Parliamentary Liberal party.”

Mr Dutton first announced his intentions earlier this morning.

But the Prime Minister’s office is refusing to hold a second party room meeting, arguing the numbers aren’t there to do so.

Mr Turnbull’s office argues 43 people need to sign a petition calling for a meeting. It’s not known how many names are on the list.

Mr Dutton is starting to articulate an alternative policy position, calling for the GST to removed from electricity bills, and has also released legal advice regarding his interests in two childcare centres.

It shows he’s not in breach of the constitution, because any taxpayer funds received by the centres, go back to parents as subsidies.

The former home affairs minister’s latest tweet also shows a very different stance to the one he had most recently tweeted.




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