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Peter Dutton: Kevin Rudd is trying to rewrite history

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says Kevin Rudd is trying to “rewrite history” after the former PM criticised the government’s border protection policies.

Earlier this week, Mr Rudd told the ABC the government has been “inhumane” and “cruel” when it comes to offshore processing to satisfy their “racist base”.

The Federal Home Affairs Minister has responded to the allegations and says Mr Rudd is trying to “rewrite history”.

“I think he’s trying to rewrite history and trying to reframe and remake himself,” Mr Dutton tells Chris Kenny.

“The agreement he entered into when he took people to Nauru and Manus was very clear.

“There is no outcome provided for. There is no 12-month limit, or that people would come to Australia after a year or two.

“It was very clear and it was only when we were able to strike the arrangement with the US that we’ve been able to get people in significant numbers off Manus and Nauru.

“It will take us years to clean up Kevin Rudd’s mess.”

Mr Dutton says the government has an “absolute desire” to get asylum seekers off Manus and Nauru but they also have to consider stopping new boat arrivals.

“We can’t have a situation where we’re having people drowning at sea again.”

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