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Peter Dutton keen to appeal medevac ruling in the High Court

The Home Affairs Minister says he will look at appealing a federal court decision handed down under the medevac bill.

The law, pushed through by Labor before the election, allows asylum seekers held in detention to be transferred to Australia if treating doctors deem it necessary.

The Morrison government fought the medevac bill, arguing sympathetic doctors would be able to contravene Australia’s border security plan.

The Federal Court on Tuesday ruled two doctors can assess refugees remotely, without ever actually conducting a personal consultation.

A 29-year-old Iraqi man has now been granted a transfer from Nauru under the ruling.

Mr Dutton tells Ray Hadley he is seeking advice on the government’s right to appeal.

“I would be keen to see this appealed to the High Court.

“We aren’t going to be forced into a position… where two doctors, two random GPs, can sign off not having seen a patient, for them to be able to come here.

“It completely undermines the whole system of migration law in this country.”

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