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Peter Dutton expects Labor to ‘backflip’ on opposition to border protection policy

Ben Fordham Exclusive

The federal government believes Labor will “backflip” and continue to support current border protection policy.

There’s a push to give doctors a greater say over whether sick asylum seekers should be evacuated to Australia, but the government argues such a move would compromise our borders.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton tells Ben Fordham he expects the Opposition leader has seen the error of his ways.

“I’m expecting that he will backflip on this.

“I think Bill Shorten’s really now admitting that he’s made a big mistake supporting the Greens and Independents on this bill.

“It’s a disaster.

“We’re dealing with people smuggler’s right now trying to put people into boats.

“If people think this problem has gone away, please have a closer look at it.

“I think Mr Shorten realises now that he’s made a bad, bad mistake.”

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Ben Fordham Exclusive