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Pet of the week: Logan

Are you looking for a big cuddly sook, who will look to you for guidance and comes with an intelligent and friendly sister? Are you prepared for cats that just like to “hang out” with you for most of the day and sleep on your bed at night?
Logan is a very young 1yo “boy”, very soft natured and initially may hold back, until his brave sister leads the way… they like being with people and involved with whatever they are doing including lounging or pottering on the balcony, cleaning the house, watching telly, or playing with cat toys!
He was rescued from a pound with his sister Levi (bonded pair), and both have FIV which is not holding them back at all. Logan acts like most cats and needs a relatively quite family home to help keep his immunity up. He and Levi should be kept indoors and in an enclosed outside area to keep them safe from other kitties and animals (they are currently a bit scared of birds). We are happy to discuss FIV and their needs.
Logan loves to chase toy-balls and loves cuddle time at least once each evening. He and Levi are bonded and he seeks guidance from Levi and his two-legged leader (you) on what is safe to do. Logan and Levi love to play with toys together, and are comfortable spending hours alone but prefer the company of people.
If you are interested in meeting Logan and Levi, please fill in the Cat Adoption Questionnaire and email it to