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Pauline Hanson: ‘This is a terror act, the farmers need a helping hand’

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has called the contamination of strawberries an “act of terrorism”.

Close to 30 cases of needle sabotage have now been recorded across the country, with the first case coming out of Queensland last week.

Strawberry growers have been hit the hardest and are being forced to throw out tonnes of produce.

Senator Pauline Hanson tells Alan Jones she’s written to the CEOs of all the major banks, urging them to give strawberry farmers some reprieve.

“A lot of them are going to find it very hard.

“I’ve had a response from the CEO Shayne Elliott from ANZ, he said they are going to take this into consideration.”

The One Nation Senator says what we’ve seen is an act of “terrorism”.

“This is a terror act and the fact is the farmers need a helping hand.”

She says metal detectors should be placed at the properties of strawberry growers and at the major supermarkets to make sure the fruit put on shelves isn’t contaminated.

“If we get rid of strawberry farmers, we’re in dire straits.”

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Ms Hanson has also called for the price paid to dairy farmers to be regulated, as the industry continues to suffer through a crippling drought.

The consumer watchdog has found dairy processors have the capacity to increase the price paid to farmers for every litre of milk, with the cost worn by the supermarkets.

Senator Hanson says consumers want to pay more for milk and if we don’t do something about the price being paid to farmers, we will feel all suffer the consequences.

“If we don’t start looking after our dairy farmers, we’re going to be having powdered milk.

“Or we’ll be paying $9 a litre, what they’re doing in China.”