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Paedophile victim speaks out about disgraceful sentence

The victim of a cold, calculated and brutal paedophile has spoken out against the disgraceful sentence handed down to him.

69-year-old Cooma hairdresser David Ford sexually abused five children, four boys and a girl, between 1987 and 1996.

He would show the children, aged between nine and 13, pornographic videos before assaulting them. Then he’d reward them with cigarettes and alcohol.

In one case, Ford pricked both he and his victim’s thumbs to draw blood and said, “we can’t tell anyone about this, we’re blood brothers now”.

In another case, Ford purchased sex toys and used them to anally rape his young victim.

Despite admitting to 18 horrific child sex offences, Ford was sentenced to just five years behind bars.

It’s prompted one of Ford’s later victims, whose allegations are untested in court, to speak out.

Ryan Pratten was 17-years-old when David Ford, then in his 60s, groomed him into a six-year period of abuse.

He tells Ray Hadley the sentence came as a shock, “that’s way too short for the things he’s done”.

Ryan decided to identify himself to educate the public about how paedophiles groom their victims.

“He went out of his way to try and poison me against my friends and family.”

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