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‘Not an advocate for pill testing but…’: Opposition leader’s plan to tackle drug deaths

The state opposition leader says “just saying no is not the answer” to stopping drug deaths at music festivals.

Michael Daley wants to organise a drug summit, bringing all sides into the discussion to make a decision on the best evidence.

Mr Daley tells Steve Price he’s not an advocate of pill testing but says it does provide an opportunity outside of just analysing ingredients.

“I don’t know what the answer to pill testing is.

“What I’d do is hold a drug summit. I’d listen to the experts, I’d listen to the community.

“Just say no is not the answer.

“I’m not an advocate for pill testing but I think if pill testing does have one strength, it’s not the testing of the pill it’s the fact that once the pill is tested the kids are then sat down in front of a counsellor.”

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The opposition leader was also questioned on whether Australia Day should be shifted from January 26.

Two new polls have found more than 75 per cent of Australians are happy for the current date to remain.

Mr Daley tells Steve Price there will be no change if he’s elected Premier but says he’s open to discussion.

“You don’t change these things by imposing change from the top down, you have a community discussion.

“If people want to have a community discussion, we’ve got time to do that.

“But at the moment, yep, leave it on Australia Day.”