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One Nation tension isn’t because of company tax cuts, Liberal Democrats Senator says

Cracks are appearing within One Nation, with the party’s leader Pauline Hanson claiming she’s been sold-out by one of her senators over company tax cuts.

Senator Hanson says everyone in the minor party agreed to withdraw support for the federal government’s measure but her colleague Brian Burston says last week’s decision took him by surprise.

Senator Burston has broken ranks to back the government’s proposed corporate tax cuts but Ms Hanson is adamant the party isn’t falling apart.

Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm says there a “stresses appearing” within the party but they’re not a result of contrasting opinions on tax cuts.

“The issue is who’s going to be the Senate candidate for One Nation in New South Wales and Western Australia.

“What I’m told is that Pauline has chosen her candidate in Queensland but declines to do that in those two states.

“That’s the source of the tension.”

Senator Leyonhelm says it’s “hard to predict” where the clash will lead.

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