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NSW Opposition calls for inquiry into tragic road toll

NSW Acting Opposition Leader Michael Daley has called for a parliamentary inquiry to get to the bottom of the horrifying road toll.

Mr Daley tells Mark Levy the government needs to work on a “bipartisan basis” to reduce deaths on the road.

“At the end of the day, the road toll is a matter of personal responsibility but it’s also the responsibility for lawmakers like us to have a look at it.

“When Parliament resumes in February, the Opposition will move to convene a parliamentary inquiry to look at the increased road toll.”

When Mark asked whether methadone users should be allowed to get behind the wheel, Mr Daley said the inquiry could look into it.

“I don’t know to what extent methadone impairs you. If you’re driving down a street, you have every right that everybody else on the road is not impaired in any way by any substance.

“There seems to be a case we need to look at changing the law and if the experts say it’s got to be done then we do it. Simple as that.”

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