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NSW Liberal MP insists messy internal battle won’t hurt election chances

A NSW Liberal MP says a messy internal brawl won’t hurt the government’s chances at the next state election.

A battle erupted late last week when Treasurer Dominic Perrottet threatened to challenge his frontbench colleague Ray Williams for the seat of Castle Hill.

Mr Williams refused to budge and step aside for Mr Perrottet.

The internal dispute has taken four days to resolve and has reportedly left backbenchers and senior ministers within the Liberal party furious.

Mr Perrottet has since abandoned his bid for Castle Hill and will seek preselection for the seat of Epping.

Upper House Liberal MP Peter Phelps tells Deborah Knight he’s confident the stoush won’t hurt their chances at the next election.

“I don’t see there’s any potential ramifications which flow from it,” he says.

“It’s been messy, but then again preselection season is always messy in any political party.”

He says voters’ decisions will be based on who they want as their leader.

“The simple fact is people will be making their decision in six months time about whether they want Gladys as their premier or whether they want Luke Foley as their premier.”

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