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NSW Labor not backing down on Boxing Day promise

NSW Labor are sticking by their commitment to restrict Boxing Day trading if they win the next election.

Thousands of shoppers hit the stores yesterday to take advantage of the annual post-Christmas sales.

It’s estimated $2.5 billion was forked out nationwide.

But NSW Labor leader Michael Daley says there’s no good reason for shops to be open and it should be a day for people to spend with their families.

If elected, NSW Labor will see trading only allowed in restricted areas.

NSW Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Adam Searle tells Michael McLaren “all people should have the right to two consecutive days leave”.

“The fact is across the whole of the working year, there is only three-and-a-half days currently when shops can’t generally trade,” he says.

“Boxing Day was – until recently – a fourth day.

“The sky did not fall in, the economy did not grind to a halt.”

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