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NSW hospitals in ‘critical condition’

Deborah Knight

Hospitals in NSW have received the worst care result in five years, with three in 10 patients waiting longer than four hours for treatment.

The Australian Medical Association has described the situation as a ‘critical condition’, despite the state government pledging $26.7 million in health spending.

“It’s simply not working,” says NSW Shadow Minister for Health Ryan Park.

Mr Park says the system is “buckling under enormous pressure”, and is calling on the government to prioritise investment in additional staff above new infrastructure.

“People don’t go to hospitals to admire great buildings.”

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Commentators suggest the overcrowding is partially due to patients forgoing the GP in favour of the emergency department, even when their condition doesn’t warrant urgent treatment.

Rita Panahi tells Deb Knight she’s taken out private health insurance after having a terrible experience with public hospitals.

“A few years ago I was very close to death, I spent extensive amounts of time in hospital.

“It was a real eye-opener… it’s pot luck where you end up. Depending on which hospital you’re admitted to you could be getting world-class care and pristine conditions or something that I really don’t think is fit for a first-world nation.”

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Image: Getty/Robert Daly