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Normie Rowe wants the focus to be on Ron Casey’s great career, not ‘old wars’

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Australian rocker Normie Rowe wants people to remember the great moments of veteran broadcaster Ron Casey’s life, not just their on-air fight.

The former 2GB broadcaster died in Sydney Tuesday morning at the age of 89.

His extensive career in radio and television spanned 70 years and was certainly not without controversy.

Mr Casey famously came to blows with singer and Vietnam veteran Normie Rowe over whether Australia should become a republic.

Mr Rowe tells Chris Smith the pair resolved their differences but the focus should be on the great host’s career, not their on-air punchup.

“I’ve got to say today isn’t the day to be regurgitating old wars.

“It’s a day to think about Renata Ron’s wife and think about the great things that he did in his life.”

Normie tells Chris they were “never really going to agree” on everything, but there were no hard feelings in the end.

“We were brought together to see how we were traveling only the last couple of years by a magazine and they wanted to set up a photograph of us facing off with fists raised,” Normie says.

“And I said, ‘Well I’m sorry that’s not going to happen. If that’s what you want, we’ll close the thing off now’.”

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Chris says Casey was a “mentor and a friend” to many, with Ray Hadley and Alan Jones also paying tribute to the legendary broadcaster.

Listener Mark has called in revealing he did work experience at 2GB in the 1990s when Ron Casey was on-air and describes the famous host as a “lovely” man.

“You hear stories of him being all scary…  but I was on the way to the station one morning and I had some hooligan hit me in the back of the head, trying to steal some money from me.

“I told Ron about it… he was engaged and wanted to know more about it.

“He had that really tough exterior but if you took the time to talk to him, he was such a lovely guy.”

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