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No end in sight: Drought-stricken farmers suffer in our own backyard

New South Wales and Queensland are suffering through one of the worst droughts in decades.

Farmers are struggling to get by as expenses pile up and without rain, they can’t get income to pay the bills.

The severity of the drought is part of the reason 2GB is supporting the Big Dry Drought Appeal.

“Farmers are the backbone of this nation,” says Ben Fordham.

Melinda Hayter is a dairy farmer, whose farm in Werombi has been in action for over 150 years. Just half an hour west of Campbelltown, you can see the Harbour Bridge from their paddocks on a clear day.

But Melinda tells Ben despite being so close to the city, they’re desperate for rain.

“We haven’t had really decent rain out our way for 14 months.

“It’s dry and there doesn’t seem to be much end in sight.”

Not losing her sense of humour, she says one upside is that she doesn’t have to mow the lawn.

“There’s no grass!

“You’ve got to [keep your sense of humour], otherwise you go mad.”

Melinda tells Ben part of the struggle is not being able to escape the tragedy.

“You’ve only got to look out your window of a morning and there it is, looking at you.”

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