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NBN offering cheaper prices to compensate for slow speed

Deborah Knight

NBN has announced it will offer cut-price wholesale bundles in an attempt to regain public confidence.

It will sell networks to retailers at a cheaper price but can’t guarantee retailers will pass on the savings.

Philippa Perry, Public Affairs Manager at NBN Co joins Deborah Knight to discuss the decision.

“This is the biggest infrastructure project in Australia. There will be some things that go wrong but we are doing what we can to prevent those.

“There are a lot of problems at peak times which is when the networks are artificially congested because retailers aren’t buying enough bandwidth from NBN.

Perry also tells Deborah there is a lot of misunderstanding about different tier speeds which ends up leaving customers with the slower-than-expected internet.

“People aren’t aware there are different speed tiers you can choose from.”

Ms Perry took several calls from listeners battling with NBN problems.

Listen to the full interview below