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Mysterious death note strikes a chord with Chris

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Image: Gold Coast Bulletin

A mysterious letter turned up on the Gold Coast, and it’s struck a chord with Chris Smith.

After a lengthy neighbourhood-wide search to find the owner, Hope Island resident Rae Leone claimed the yellow envelope.

It was a letter she penned to her four children to be passed on in the case of her passing.

“It struck me,” says Chris.

“It made me think about how important that might be to some people, especially those left behind, especially your children.”

Chris, who was in China at the time of his father’s passing, admits he was “disappointed” to not find a similar note for himself and his brother.

“[He was] the sort of bloke who would write you letters.

“It was quite a disappointment to me, I expected it to exist and it didn’t.”

Listener Scott rang in to share his thoughts after a letter was left by his family friend.

“I think the reason for something like that… it gives, I think, some comfort after the deceased has gone that their family feel they’ve got a message from them and can hear their voice from the grave.”

BJ also rang in and tells Chris his wife, who is in the military, writes letters to their two girls each time she gets deployed.

“Every time she comes home she does a letter, hops back on the plane and it goes into a box.”

Listen to Chris’ comments below

Listen to Scott and BJ’s calls below